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Groove Milling Device

ESI offers state of the art production development and manufacturing of brand new, zero-tip clearance projects. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of engineers offer an unmatched service at competitive rates.

Tensile Testing Device

ESI can provide the development of testing stations for industrial gluing applications. Reliability and consistency are crucial in this industry and our both our engineers and hardware can always be relied upon to meet our targets.

Project Fan Pack

ESI provides structural design and analysis of Fan Pack. The services are second to none and come with experience gained over many years in the industry.

Field Testing in Russia

Field testing in the icy Russian tundra proves the worth of any piece of engineering equipment. ESI offers vibration and natural frequency testing of impellers in gas cooling applications. The vigorous testing takes place between -50 degrees centigrade to +35.

Mould Design & Optimization

ESI will design and rigorously test modules  to meet our customers high demands and expectations. The engineers work incredibly hard to provide the best throughout the project.

Reinforcement for Ice impact on Axial fan-blades

Ice can be a major headache for operators of axial fan blades and drastically reduce the lifespan and effectiveness. A reinforced blade can seriously prolong the life of your fan.

Project Vacuum Valve for Die Casting

TEL Nordic required an updated and upgraded vacuum valve for aluminum die casting. We offer these unparalleled services and knowledge gained through experience

Structural Testing and Design of Axial fan

ESI provides the structural testing and design of axial fans. Years of experience and development means ESI has some of the best minds in the business who will work with you from start to finish

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