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In an ever-changing and relentlessly competitive market, ESI strives to achieve diversity and flexibility towards it’s customers and clients in order to meet and surpass their high demands.


ESI is located in Prague, Czech Republic, which provides access to a large and diverse talent pool whilst still lying west of Vienna in the very heart of Europe.


The aim of ESI is to create a strong, multi-functional Engineering Solution Center in Prague and export our team to meet our clients ever-evolving R&D needs. Our location gives us a head-start over our rivals as it allows us to compete on speed and pricing from the very start.


ESI has big ambitions and will work hard towards becoming a name that is synonymous with the R&D industry and the supplier of choice to R&D Group in Hinnerup.


We look forward to working with you.

We look forward to forging winning partnerships. 
Let's get started.

Leonard Mora has experiences from Advanced Engineering in heavy industry for over 13 years. He covered mechanical engineering design and validation (practical expertise in Structural and NVH area).


Leonard brings knowledge from technical departments leadership, top-management, project management, process & cost management and strategy planning. A big portion of his experiences are building testing labs and selection and integration of validation technology (lab testing technology and software FEA tools)

Leonard Mora

Chief Engineer

Ganna Mostipanenko is one of our most experienced engineers within aerodynamics. She has more than 10 years of experience doing CFD analysis for both research projects, design projects and customer optimisation projects.


Ganna has experience from turbumachinery and axial fan industries. She has a strong analytical mindset and is able to comprehend new systems and technologies swiftly.

Ganna Mostipanenko


Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:

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